“Peruvian Dynasty”

Peruvian Voldemort  x  Dinaza PC-1

Available for Lease

“Peruvian Korkscrew”

Kantup P5  x  Pincanta P5

*Available for Lease*

“Peruvian Kennedy”


Peruvian Keno   x   P496  Gintana 99

Mark and Karen Brant

(734) 241-4621

kbrant07@gmail.com    mbrant@gmail.com

Twin Lakes Llama Ranch

4929 Blue Bush Rd.

Monroe, Michigan


Website and Photographs by:  Karen Brant

Twin Lakes Llama Ranch

Males Available for Lease and also Males for Sale

“Peruvian Fushion”

Castlerock’s Mojo  x  Peruvian Sevesca


“Twin Lakes            ”

Lumiere  X  MGF Biljian 

*Available for Sale*

“Twin Lakes              ”

Chilean Sankota  X  Peruvian Sirius Situation

*Available for Sale*

“  Twin Lakes Takario       ”

Northwest Tonto  Peruvian Kupcake

*Available for Sale*

“Twin Lakes           ”

Northwest Tonto  x  Peruvian Sevesca

*Available for Sale*

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