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The Wonderful World of  “Suri Llamas” 

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Please ~Enter~ 29 Years of Lamas and counting...

 The Original Source for Suri’s 
We Specialize in the Following:
*Highest of Quality Peruvian Suri Breeding Stock*   
 *Show Ring Ready Llamas*    *Guard Llamas*     *4-H Llamas*     *Companion Llamas*    *My wife wants one, Llamas*
   *Great Pyrenees Puppies*

*Breathtaking Llamas are Available in Your Price Range*
Please e-mail or give us a call, we have what you’ve been looking for, 
and it’s affordable.

Mark and Karen Brant

fax:  (734) 241-7734

Twin Lakes Llama Ranch

4929 Blue Bush Rd.

Monroe, Michigan 48162

(734) 241-4621

Website and Photographs by:  Karen Brant

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*Warning* Llamas are Fun and Addictive, Enter at Your Own Risk. *Warning*